RUNSAFE in "Dansk Sportsmedicin"

In the December-issue of Dansk Sportsmedicin, RUNSAFE contributes with three open-access articles in English.

RUNSAFE proudly presents three new open-access articles in the journal "Dansk Sportsmedicin". These include:

1)      Debes-Kristensen, K.; Sørensen, H.; Parner, E.T.; Nielsen, R.O.; Is comparison of injury rates across two longitudinal studies including novice runners possible? Dansk Sportsmedicin, 2018 December; 22 (4): 29-31.

2)      Lambæk-Knudsen, L.; Nielsen, R.O.; Ramskov, D. Injury risk difference the first two weeks after a physical performance test: A randomized trial comparing progression in running volume and running intensity in recreational runners. Dansk Sportsmedicin, 2018 December; 22 (4): 20-28.

3)      Ramskov, D.; Rasmussen, C.H.; Nielsen, R.O.; Conviction among marathon runners: Are type of running shoe important? Dansk Sportsmedicin, 2018 December; 22 (4): 15-19.

We encourage the interested reader to access the articles HERE.