Camma Damsted


Camma received the Ph.d.-degree in Medicine in November 2018 from the Department for Public Health, Aarhus University. Through her work in clinical practise, she has gained substantial experience in treating patients with running-related injuries and in recommending running schedules when returning to running to avoid recurrent injury.

RUNSAFE affiliation:

In RUNSAFE, Camma investigates the association between weekly running progressions and the development of running-related injuries. The aim is to develop evidence-based training programs with minimal risk of injury.


BSc. In Physiotherapy from the University of Southern Denmark

MSc. In Physiotherapy from the University of Southern Denmark

Ph.d. in Medicine from Aarhus University, Denmark


Reliability of Video-Based Identification of Footstrike Pattern and Video Time Frame at Initial Contact in Recreational Runners
Damsted, C.; Larsen, L.H.; Nielsen, R.O.
Gait & Posture 2015 Jun; 42(1): 32-35.

Reliability of Video-Based Quantification of the Knee- and Hip Angle at Foot Strike during Running
Damsted, C.; Nielsen, R.O.; Larsen, L.H.
International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy 2015 Apr; 10(2): 147-154.