Daniel Ramskov


Daniel is positioned as a Assistant Professor at Department of Physiotherapy, University College Northern Denmark, teaching and supervising physiotherapy students.

RUNSAFE affiliation:

In RUNSAFE, Daniel has completed his Ph.d.-project titled "Training variables in Running. Mechanisms in the etiology of running injuries? A study on the development of guidelines", hereby investigating specific variables potentially affecting the risk of running-related injuries. Daniels main supervisor was Sten Rasmussen, with co-supervision from Rasmus Ø. Nielsen, Henrik Sørensen, Erik Parner and Martin Lind.
Daniel is the responsible leader of RUNSAFE treatment, and also commonly participates in the Sports Injury Journal Club at Aarhus University.


BSc. In Physiotherapy from University College Northern Denmark

MSc. in Clinical Science and Technology from Aalborg University

Ph.D. in Health Science from Aarhus University, Denmark


High Eccentric Hip Abduction Strength Reduces the Risk of Developing Patellofemoral Pain Among Novice Runners Initiating a Self-Structured Running Program: A 1-Year Observational Study
Ramskov, D.; Barton, C.; Nielsen, R.O.; Rasmussen, S.
Journal of Orthopaedic Sports Physical Therapy 2015 Mar; 45(3): 153-61.

Normative values for eccentric hip abduction strength in novice runners: An equation adjusting for age and gender.
Ramskov, D.; Pedersen, M.B.; Kastrup, K.; Lønbro, S.; Jacobsen, J.S.; Thorborg, K.; Nielsen, R.O.; Rasmussen, S.
International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy 2014 Feb; 9(1): 68-73.

No Association between Q-angle and foot posture with running-related injuries: A 10 week prospective follow-up study.
Ramskov, D.; Jensen, M.L.; Obling, K.; Nielsen, R.O.; Parner, E.T.; Rasmussen, S.
International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy 2013 Aug; 8(4): 407-411.