Katrin D. Kristensen


Katrin is enrolled as a PhD student at the Department of Public Health, Aarhus University. In her PhD project, Katrin uses advanced statistical models to investigate the effect of and interactions between training load and tolerance in the development of recurrent running-related injuries.

The planned finish of her PhD is October 2021, however Katrin will go on maternity leave in November 2018 and her PhD period will therefore be extended.

RUNSAFE affiliation:

Katrin wrote both her Bachelor's thesis, "Is the Risk of Running-Related Injuries Different Across a 1-Year Follow-up Period?", and her Master's thesis, "Is the Decline in Injury Incidence Rate Amongst Novice Runners Over Time Owing to Selection?", under supervision from Henrik Sørensen and Rasmus Ø. Nielsen. Erik Thorlund Parner also co-supervised her Master's thesis.


Master of Science in Sports Sciences and Mathematics.


"Are prevalence measures better than incidence measures in sports injury research?" British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2017: In press.

"Is comparison of injury rates across two longitudinal studies including novice runners possible?" Dansk Sportsmedicine, 2018: In press.