Mia Beck Lichtenstein


Mia Beck Lichtenstein is associate professor at the Department of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark. Further, she is working as research leader at the Mental Health Services in the Region of Southern Denmark. Her educational background includes a candidate in psychology and a bachelor in sport sciences.

She has made a PhD project about exercise addiction in Danish sport cultures, which she defended in 2014. Her research areas are focused on compulsive exercise, eating disorders, mental aspects of sport injuries and the healthy exercise balance.

She has been working on a project in co-operation with orthopedics from Odense University Hospital that estimated the emotional responses to sport injuries. Further, she has 13 years of clinical experience with the prevention and treatment of exercise addiction.

Mia is a passionate runner and has won more than 100 medals in her running career that started back in 1989. 


BSc from the University of Southern Denmark

Authorized psychologist from Copenhagen University

PhD at the Clinical institution, University of Southern Denmark

Mia Bech Lichtenstein has more than 25 publications.

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