Rene Korsgaard


PhD student at the center for Sensory-Motor Interaction, Department of Health Science and Technology, Aalborg University. René is working on a PhD with the title: "The Influence of RUnning Motion on Running Injuries", with an expected finish in November 2016.


RUNSAFE affiliation:

As a PhD in RUNSAFE, René investigates movement patterns related to overuse injuries and variables effecting abnormal movement patterns among runners. Sten Rasmussen is co-superviser on the PhD, with Rasmus Ø. Nielsen as Co-author on publications. René frequently joins the Sports Injury Journal Club at Aarhus University.



BSc. In sports Science at Aalborg University

MSc. In Sports Science at Aalborg University


Disturbed muscular adaptation and changed motor strategies in recurrent low back pain patients during stair walking after experimental back-muscle fatigue

L.H. Larsen, H.M. Brogner, G.B. Oestergaard, R. Dons, J.D. Andersen, P.S. Jensen, R.K. Brund

Physiotherapy, May 2015, vol. 101, supp 1.