Garmin-RUNSAFE Running Health Study

The project

The Garmin-RUNSAFE Running Health Study is an upcomming project spanning from 2019 to 2020.

The purpose of the study is to investigate the synergy between training load and training tolerence on running-injury development using workload ratios as primary exposure.

Though yet to be formally launched, the Garmin-RUNSAFE Running Health Study is expected to recruit more than 20.000 participants and we hope this will become the largest study of running-related injury research ever conducted!

A long term vision of RUNSAFE, recruitment of this number participants recently became feasible, through a collaboration with Garmin International Inc., and their state-of-the-art GPS-devices and their impressive database; Garmin Connect.

RUNSAFE is immensely proud of this new collaboration, and is currently preparing all the necessary protocols, ensuring another successful research project from the RUNSAFE team!


Period: 2019-2020

Data collection: Started

Sample size: Hopefully at least 20.000

Study design: Prospective cohort

Follow-up: 1½ year

Runners: All types of runners using Garmin devices


The first publications from Garmin-RUNSAFE Running Health Study is expected in 2020

Project Manager

Contact Project Manager: Rasmus