The project

In parallel with the still rapidly increasing interest in running, and especially for participating in half marathon, the number of free running programs available on the internet and in training magazines has exploded.

The knowledge of how to design running programs with minimal injury risk tailored to the runner’s individual running experience and running level is, however, limited.

ProjectRun21, managed by Camma Damsted from RUNSAFE, Aarhus University, will investigate the effect of various running schedules based on the running level and experience of the individual, on the frequency of running-related injuries, in the hopes of in the future, to be able to prescibe knowledge-based running schedules with a minimum risk of sustaining a injury.


Period: 2016

Data collection: Ongoing

Sample size: Still recruiting

Study design: Prospective cohorts

Follow-up: 14 weeks

Runners: ½ marathoneers 


The first publications from ProjectRun21 is expected in 2017

Project Manager

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