The planned strategy of RUNSAFE spans from 2015 to 2025.
Importantly, we wish to establish RUNSAFE in a context across universities with activities scheduled beyond 2025.

Phase 1: Establishment, Etiology & Motivation

2015 - 2018

In phase 1, the focus is to generate knowledge about injury etiology. Such knowledge is needed before phase 2 is initiated because knowledge about prevention and treatment is needed to ask the appropriate research questions and to design the studies or trials in a proper manner. A 3-year period enables for establishing, initiation- and completion of a number of projects, which are almost fully, financed, primarily PhD projects. After 3 years, in summer 2018, RUNSAFE has generated new evidence-based knowledge on the association between running and injury development based on research related to etiology (WP1), cumulative load (WP3), and development of causal theories and advanced statistical time-to-event models (WP4). In addition, validation of data-collection tolls is central. In addition, RUNSAFE will contribute to research-oriented lectures at universities and dissemination amongst health-care professionals, organisations and runners. In 2015, RUNSAFE initiated phase 1 with five fully financed PhD students enrolled at Aarhus- and Aalborg Universities. This is a solid work force (in particular in WP1). Therefore, the primary budget posts to be covered in phase 1 are expenses for additional three PhD students, VIP salary for Rasmus Nielsen, TAP salary and expenses for a technological, web-based data collection tool and equipment like an instrumented treadmill.   

Phase 2: Prevention & Treatment

2018 - 2021

In phase 2, RUNSAFE must explore different research questions within all five work packages, to generate knowledge about prevention and treatment of injuries. WP 1, 3, and 4 continues, while activities in work package 2 are initiated. In addition, RUNSAFE will try to establish collaborations with researchers within (i) running, children and injuries, (ii) running injuries from a molecular perspective.   

Phase 3: Refinement

2021 - 2025

In phase 3, RUNSAFE focuses on refinement, implementation and dissemination and to research within new sample populations like children, depressed and diseased.