The vision of RUNSAFE

To establish a research direction within the running injury thematic, which, through research and knowledge sharing, brings into focus the prevention and treatment of running-related injuries, and identifies running schedules, which are efficient, motivating and enjoyable.

The mission of RUNSAFE

To motivate and maintain runners at all levels in their training with minimal risk of injury and greatest effect. In addition, to create evidence-based knowledge, which lead to better treatment options for injured runners. 

The aims of RUNSAFE

  • To ensure collaborations with research peers in Europe and worldwide.
  • To publish at least six peer-reviewed articles per year in internationally high-ranking journals.
  • To have a strong collaboration with funding agencies, organisations, federations and commercial companies.
  • To gather data on training and injury amongst 100.000 runners.

How to reach these aims?

We have a clear and well-established organisation and structure with sufficient man power, supervisors and self-controlled economy.
We ask appropriate and plausible research questions, common- and relevant for coaches, clinicians and runners.
We have an established collaboration with Danish and international research institutions, organisations and the health sector.  
We have sufficient access to offices, laboratories and web-based data collection tools.
We ensure that activities and publications from all RUNSAFE members are properly appreciated, highlighted and acknowledged.